Product Experience

The majority of customers’ decisions to buy items are influenced by emotional as well as rational factors.
An immersive product experience is a strong marketing and sales tool to provide substantial psychological “comfort” to customers, who want to see and experience what they are looking for.
Moreover, by integrating virtual and physical goods, outlets of limited size placed in prestigious high-traffic areas, become economically competitive.

Industrial Applications

A novel approach to training that constitutes a positive stimulus for the trainee and motivates him/her to participate in the training sessions and to come back to them. Gilgamesh is a software platform for virtual reality and real-time interactive 3D simulation; it builds on Virtual Reality (VR) and serious-gaming techniques to provide high-quality immersive experiences to users. Gilgamesh reproduces realistic and interactive environments where elements of interest react to user actions in a realistic way.

Special Projects

Special immersive 3D solutions to reproduce engaging real-life situations and create stunning business applications.

Gilgamesh /DriveSim: multipurpose immersive driving simulation solution

Gilgamesh /3DataCruzer: leverage people’s natural ability to think visually by graphically representing Big Data sets, view thousands of variables at the same time, interactively analyze single data items or groups and visually discover data patterns and correlations to gain insights