The big idea: visual mining.
Kairos3D Visual Mining technology offers a paradigm to leverage people’s natural ability to think visually by graphically representing Big Data sets, view thousands of variables at the same time, interactively analyze single data items or groups and visually discover data patterns and correlations to gain insights.
The 3D visual interface metaphor can be either a symbolic representation of the data set, or a 3D model/3D CAD eventually linked to realtime plant data.


    • A shortcut to genomic data interpretation!
      It brings tasks that took weeks down to minutes.
      Interactive 3D visualization makes the analysis
      process accessible to a wider range of researchers,
      even those with no bio-software skills, such as biologists and physicians, allowing unsupervised data analysis.
Up to TEN MILLIONS values in ONE interactive VIEW.


    • Monitor and analyze thousands of data elements with their hierarchical
      organizations, inter items relationships, exception visual identification,
      “fly to object” capabilities and real time, in context, related contents.