OPERATIONS, MAINTENANCE, HSE industrial simulations

    Interactive 3D to simulate operations through Virtual Reality for industrial operators / crew.
    Learn and practice operating procedures, acting in a way that feels as close as possible to the real production situation, but with no risks and at a reduced cost.
Key Benefits:
• Direct practice of field activities for a realistic off-the-job training, with no need to access the physical plant
• Reduced training costs
• Important part of the on-site training is replaced with VR-based simulations
• Training can start when plant design is complete, well before commissioning
• Operators can benefit from remote assistance/teaching in the virtual environment
• Reduced risks
• Trainees are not exposed to hazards of real plants
• No plant damage in case of mistakes
• Simulation of non-visible parts like unit internals
• Seamless integration with eLearning platforms offering offline practice and automatic scoring for operators‘ readiness assessment
• Modern “game-like” user interface to motivate younger generations to actively participate in training