Immersive Product Experience: Gilgamesh VR 360

    Gilgamesh VR 360 enables Brands to:
    • • provide the full range of models, versions and configuration opportunities to customers with no need to maintain stocks of physical models in their showroom/store
    • • offer advanced digital product configuration and exploration in-store experiences, enabling first-class sales and marketing capabilities
    • • Improve the efficiency of your dealers/resellers network. By integrating virtual goods, outlets of limited size in high traffic prestigious areas become economically competitive
    • • Create a comprehensive set of advanced digital contents to engage users with your products through personalised advanced online 3D experiences. Fully personalised 360 digital contents can be easily integrated with existing web configurators, product web sites, social network presence, digital mobile applications, etc...

    Gilgamesh /DriveSim

    Multipurpose Immersive Driving Simulator.
    Key features:
    • • real time dynamic driving experiences
    • • automated traffic simulation, dynamic control of traffic intensity
    • • collision detection (road boundaries, other vehicles)
    • • user vehicle physics simulation
    • • dynamic weather and atmospheric effects
    • • on-demand accidental events to create unusual, stressful situations
    • • event logging, session tracking and scoring
    • • specific driving cockpit and controls integration
    • • multiple output device options (VR headsets, multi-screen, 3D glasses, ...)
    • • remote control station to manage events and driving scenario
    • • scriptable events for pre-defined, repeatable sessions
    • • integration with external systems


    • A shortcut to genomic data interpretation!
      It brings tasks that took weeks down to minutes.
      Interactive 3D visualization makes the analysis
      process accessible to a wider range of researchers,
      even those with no bio-software skills, such as biologists and physicians, allowing unsupervised data analysis


    • Monitor and analyze thousands of data elements with their hierarchical
      organizations, inter items relationships, exception visual identification,
      “fly to object” capabilities and real time, in context, related contents
Kairos3D Visual Mining technology offers a paradigm to leverage people’s natural ability to think visually by graphically representing Big Data sets, view thousands of variables at the same time, interactively analyze single data items or groups and visually discover data patterns and correlations to gain insights.